Engine Oil NANOPROTEC 5W-30 FOD HC-Synthetic

Engine Oil NANOPROTEC 5W-30 FOD HC-Synthetic

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NANOPROTEC 5W-30 FOD HC-Synthetic engine oil
This is an advanced low-friction SAPS engine oil for cars, composed of synthetic base oils. The use of new selected additives ensures excellent cleanliness of the engine and protects the exhaust catalytic converter. The NANOPROTEC 5W-30 FOD HC-Synthetic is a special cost-efficient engine oil with improved performance and low emissions. It is particularly recommended for use in the newer generation of Ford engines. This oil is compatible with the earlier specifications of WSS2C 913-A, 913-B and 913-C.
Recommended for use in:
four-stroke gasoline and diesel engines;
multivalve equipment;
with turbo charging;
with Common Rail diesel fuel feeding system;
with diesel particle filter (DPF) system;
with catalyst.
This engine oil should only be used in engines that are approved according to ACEA A1/B1/A5/B5.
Extreme wear resistance
Exceptional viscosity under temperature changes
Quick oil feed to critical lubrication points
Reduces cylinder and camshaft wear
High oxidation and thermal resistance
Low evaporation discharge
Extreme cleaning capability
Low content of hazardous materials
Reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emission
Excellent cold starting properties of engine – rapid supply of all lubrication points
High reliability
Optimal engine cleanliness
Very low oil consumption
High performance and stability at long oil change intervals
All-year operation
Physical and chemical characteristics:
Specific Gravity at 15 °C, kg/m³ 849 
Viscosity at -30 °C, sP 3,930 
Viscosity at 100 °C, sP 10.2 
Viscosity at 40 °C, sP 55.8 
Viscosity Index 171
COC flash point, °C- 
Pour Point, °C -45 
Recommended for use in Asian and American cars
A perfectly selected additive package protects the engine from early wear
Ease of cold start
Efficient and quick lubrication of all engine parts during cold start
Extended life of engine parts
Protection of engine against oxidation and various insoluble contaminants using a powerful additive package
Reduced fuel consumption and emissions
! Change the oil during maintenance simultaneously with the oil filter. In order to increase the ICE life, it is recommended to use Nanoprotec protective compounds according to the technological process.






A1/B1, A5/B5 

We recommend this product for:


WSS-M2C 913-B/C/D 




RN 0700 

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