Engine Oil NANOPROTEC 5W-30 С3 HC-Synthetic

Engine Oil NANOPROTEC 5W-30 С3 HC-Synthetic

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NANOPROTEC 5W-30 С3 HC-Synthetic engine oil
This is a multipurpose HC-synthetic low-friction multigrade engine oil of the latest generation. The exceptional properties of this high-performance engine oil meet the modern requirements of the Mid SAPS engine oils. It is perfectly adapted to use at prolonged oil change intervals.
NANOPROTEC 5W-30 С3 HC-Synthetic engine oil is a multipurpose HC-synthetic low-friction engine oil for diesel engines with a pump-injector without WIV-systems and for General Motors light duty diesel engines. Due to its special composition this engine oil is perfectly suitable to meet new OEM requirements. The Low Ash (Low SAP) composition protects the engine and catalyst system.
Recommended for use in:
Four-stroke gasoline and diesel engines;
Multivalve equipment;
With turbo charging;
With direct fuel injection;
Diesel engine with pump-injector;
CDI and TDI engines;
With Common Rail diesel fuel feeding system;
With diesel particle filter (DPF) system;
With catalyst;
With Valvetronic;
With boost air cooling;
Extreme wear resistance at all operating conditions
Exceptional viscosity-temperature behaviour
Minimal frictional loss, higher engine power
Extreme cleaning capability
Low evaporation discharge
High oxidation and thermal stability
Reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emission
With Low Ash- and fuel-efficient formula
Excellent engine starting properties – rapid supply of all lubrication points, such as valves
Stable pressure in lubrication system
Long-lasting engine cleanliness
Sludge prevention
High functional backups and high product stability, also with the longest oil change intervals
All-year operation
Physical and chemical characteristics:
Specific Gravity at 15 °C, kg/m³ 853
Viscosity at -30 °C, sP 5940 
Viscosity at 40 °C, sP 68.9 
Viscosity at 100 °C, sP 11.64 
Viscosity Index 165 
COC Flash Point, °C 228 
Pour Point, °C -39 
TBN, mgKOH/g – 
A perfectly selected additive package protects the engine from early wear
Ease of cold start
Efficient and quick lubrication of all engine parts during cold start
Extended life of engine parts
Protection of engine against oxidation and various insoluble contaminants using a powerful additive package
Reduced fuel consumption and emissions

! Change the oil during maintenance simultaneously with the oil filter. In order to increase the ICE life, it is recommended to use Nanoprotec protective compounds according to the technological process.







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