Hidrophobic coating NANOPROTEC ANTIRAIN

Hidrophobic coating NANOPROTEC ANTIRAIN

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NANOPROTEC ANTIRAIN is intended for coating vehicle windows, has a pronounced hydrophobic effect. Long-term glass protection from rain, dirt, icing, insect debris and other problems that car owners often face. 

The best glass treatment tool to date, providing long-term care, protection and increasing driver comfort while driving in any weather at any time of the day.


  •  Maintaining good visibility in any weather (rain, snow, blizzard).
  •  Increase visual comfort in the dark.
  •  Easy removal of icing from the glass.
  •  Easy cleaning of glass from the remains of insects. 
  •  The effectiveness of the tool allows less frequent use of wipers even in heavy rain — the drops slide off the glass under the influence of an oncoming air stream.

! One application lasts an average of ten months or 20,000 kilometres.

 Application instructions:

1.  Thoroughly wash the outer surface of the glass and the seal, remove any remains of insects, resins, bitumen and then degrease with an alcohol-based glass cleaner. Wipe the glass dry with disposable paper towels.

2.  Take the applicator sponge down, squeeze the wings until the ampoule inside the applicator breaks. Thus, the liquid will moisten the sponge.

3.  First apply to every glass (frontal and two side) with horizontal and vertical moves, not reaching the edges of about a centimetre, then leave the product for 5 minutes.

4.  After this time, take a paper towel and wipe the rest of the product from the glass.

5.  Now work on the edges of the glass. Then also wipe the glass with paper towels. Treatment is finished!

One applicator is enough to handle a large windshield or a standard windshield with two front side windows.

  Washer fluid consumption is reduced.

  The wear level of the wipers and the glass is reduced.

  It does not require frequent reapplication.

  The coating is washing-proof, is not erased by the wipers and does not change its characteristics over time.

  Impervious to street and other chemicals.

  Sealed packaging guarantees the preservation of all the declared properties of the protective coating, regardless of the shelf life.

  The compound has no expiration date and can be used after many years.

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