Longterm flushing for engine NANOPROTEC

Longterm flushing for engine NANOPROTEC

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NANOPROTEC LONGTERM  FLUSHING is designed to clean the internal surfaces of the engine of old deposits (slag, varnish).


  Gently removes contaminants formed during long use and when using low-quality oil.

  Improves oil circulation;

  Improves heat dissipation from engine parts;

  Restores mobility of oil scraper and piston rings;

  Increases the effectiveness of NANOPROTEC engine protective composites.

Application instructions: 

1.  Warm up the engine to operating temperature.

2.  Mix the contents of the bottle by shaking it for 1~2 minutes.

3.  Pour 1 bottle into the oil filler neck. For oil systems of more than 6 litres, pour 2 bottles.

4.  Drive the vehicle for 20~25 minutes.

5.  200 kilometres after flushing, replace the oil and oil filter.

6.  If the oil pressure light comes on, change the oil IMMEDIATELY!

Precautionary measures: 

  Direct use only. 

  Do not disassemble or give to children. 

  Avoid contact with eyes and getting inside the human body.

•  In case of contact with skin, remove contaminated clothing. Wash affected area with a jet of water and then with soap and water. In case of contact with eyes, rinse eyes with plenty of water. If it enters the digestive system, consult a doctor. 


Store in a place protected from moisture and direct sunlight at –20 °C to +50 °C.

Flushing is compatible with all types of engine oils. It is safe for engines of any designs, including turbocharged ones. 

Does not affect the properties of lubricating oil. 

Safe for rubber seals, oil seals, valve stem seals.

It does not clog the oil system channels and is not deposited on ICE components.

Can be used on a regular basis.

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