Protective composite NANOPROTEC 2-STROKE ENGINE

Protective composite NANOPROTEC 2-STROKE ENGINE

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PROTECTIVE COMPOSITE NANOPROTEC 2-STROKE ENGINE is designed to restore and protect against wear parts of two-stroke engines of motorcycles, motorbikes, scooters, walking tractors, chainsaws, jet skis, snowmobiles, mini-tractors and garden tools.


NANOPROTEC 2-STROKE ENGINE protective composite cleans the surfaces of parts from scale, slag and deposits, restores gap nominal values of friction pairs, and holds a more dense layer of oil. It leads to the following improvements in engine performance:

  Power increase. Optimization of gaps in the cylinder-piston group and the gas distribution mechanism, increases compression, increases power to nominal values.

  Fuel economy — reduction of friction losses by 15~20% leads to a decrease in fuel consumption by 5~7%.

  Reducing noise and vibration — normalizing the mass of parts by cleaning friction pairs, optimizing gaps and keeping a denser oil layer; reduce the likelihood of scoring and the noise of the mechanism.

  Smoke reduction — optimization of gaps in the cylinder-piston group, reduces the likelihood of oil entering the combustion chamber, improves the quality of fuel combustion. (With separate oil system).

  Reducing the rumble in the gearbox and improving the “free-wheeling” — optimization of the clearances in the gears, restoration and protection of bearings reduces noise and vibration during gearbox operation.

Application instructions:

1 stage:

- Before treating the engine, shake the bottle thoroughly until the useful precipitate is evenly distributed over the volume of liquid. Warm up the engine to operating temperature. Stop the engine. 

- Fill the composite: If the lubrication system is separate, fill 30 ml per 1 litre of oil in the oil tank. If the lubrication system is common, fill 5 ml per 1 litre of fuel in the fuel tank.

- Start the engine and operate in the normal mode for 10~15 minutes.

Normal operation until the oil tank is empty with a separate lubrication system, or 5~6 machine hours with a common lubrication system.

2 stage is carried out similarly to stage 1.

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