Protective composite NANOPROTEC A-GEAR

Protective composite NANOPROTEC A-GEAR

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PROTECTIVE COMPOSITE NANOPROTEC A-GEAR is designed to treat automatic gearboxes, including CVTs of any type and with any type of gear oil.


PROTECTIVE COMPOSITE NANOPROTEC A-GEAR partially restores the dimensions and geometry of worn parts, optimizes the gaps in the friction pairs, allows keeping a more dense oil layer on the part surfaces. It allows:

•  facilitating gear shifting;

•  optimization of gaps in the A-Gear oil pump provides nominal oil pressure, which reduces the likelihood of jolts and jerks when shifting gears;

  reducing noise and vibration. optimization of clearances and restoration of bearings reduce noise and vibration during gearbox operation;

  protecting the gearbox from wear;

  the formed layer on the friction surfaces and the dense oil layer increase the unit service life.


  restore chain tension;

  restoration of the cone geometry, as well as keeping a denser oil layer on the surface, which provides adhesion of the chain and cones of the CVT, can prevent slipping of the chain;

  extending unit life;

  the cones surface treated with the composite wears out significantly less during use, which extends unit life;

  the composite significantly facilitates and accelerates unit running-in when used in new gearboxes and reduces the risks of “scoring”.

Application instructions: 

The treatment of automatic transmissions of any type is as follows:

1.  Warm up the gearbox to operating temperature (normal operation).

2.  Stop the engine.

3.  Thoroughly mix the contents of the bottle so that the precipitate at the bottom is mixed with the entire volume of liquid firmly.

4.  Pour 1 bottle of PROTECTIVE COMPOSITE NANOPROTEC A-GEAR into the gearbox through a standard filling device.

5.  If the volume of transmission fluid in the box is more than 10 litres, fill 2 bottles of PROTECTIVE COMPOSITE NANOPROTEC A-GEAR. For automatic transmission of trucks and buses, use 10 ml of the composite per 1 litre of oil. 

6.  Immediately after adding the composite, drive the vehicle for 20~30 minutes in the standard operation mode.

The vehicle can be used in the normal mode immediately after treatment.


  For long and trouble-free operation of the gearbox, it is recommended to use the PROTECTIVE COMPOSITE NANOPROTEC A-GEAR after each scheduled replacement of gear oil.

  PROTECTIVE COMPOSITE NANOPROTEC A-GEAR is compatible with any type of transmission oil.

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