Protective composite NANOPROTEC ENGINE R+

Protective composite NANOPROTEC ENGINE R+

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PROTECTIVE COMPOSITE NANOPROTEC ENGINE R+ is used as a preventive measure after a full complex of treatment with SET NANOPROTEC G-ENGINE 3 IN 1 or SET NANOPROTEC D-ENGINE 3 IN 1 (supportive).


The protective composites SET NANOPROTEC G-ENGINE or SET NANOPROTEC D-ENGINE favours formation on the engine friction surfaces a nano-modified protective layer, which has a low coefficient of friction, high wear resistance and is able to keep more oil. PROTECTIVE COMPOSITE NANOPROTEC ENGINE R+ provides support for this layer and its restoration in case of wear. Maintains engine performance at the level achieved with other NANOPROTEC Protective Composites. The following benefits are guaranteed:

  increases resource. The protective layer significantly reduces the wear rate of the most loaded friction parts that determine engine life. Treated surfaces retain oil better, which protects the engine in times of oil starvation during overheating, active driving and emergency oil loss;

  facilitates start-up and protection during “cold start”. The treated surfaces are able to hold the oil layer during prolonged shutdown of the engine. It facilitates the first revolutions and prevents increased engine wear during oil starvation at the start, which is crucial at low ambient temperatures;

  ensures rated engine power. The dense oil layer in the CPG gaps provides the necessary gas tightness, which maintain compression and high-quality combustion of fuel. Besides, the dense oil layer shifts friction to hydrodynamic, reducing friction losses. All this allows you to maintain engine power at nominal values;

  lowers fuel consumption. Creation of conditions for high-quality fuel combustion, reduction of friction losses provides fuel economy;

  lowers oil burn. Maintaining optimal gaps between the oil scraper ring and the cylinder walls prevents oil from entering the combustion chamber and reduces or completely eliminates oil burn;

  reduces vibrations and noise. Recovery and alignment of compression on the cylinders balances their operation. In addition, a dense oil layer softens the piston shifting. All this reduces vibration and noise in the engine;

  lowers toxicity. The restoration of compression and the optimization of gaps in the cylinder-piston group provide high-quality combustion of fuel, which decreases toxicity of exhaust gases.

Application instructions:

Engine treatment with PROTECTIVE COMPOSITE NANOPROTEC ENGINE R+ is performed after each regular oil change. It is necessary to add the composite to the engine oil according to the following procedure:

1. Warm the engine to operating temperature (normal operation).

2. Stop the engine.

3. Thoroughly mix the contents of the bottle so that the precipitate at the bottom is distributed over the entire volume of liquid.

4. Pour the compound into the oil filler neck of the engine. (The amount of compound is calculated based on the volume of oil in the engine. 

For gasoline engines: with an oil system volume of less than 5 litres, 1 bottle is enough, more than 5 litres — 2 bottles of protective composite are needed. 

For diesel engines: with an oil system volume of less than 7 litres, 1 bottle is enough, more than 7 litres — 2 bottles of protective composite are needed.

5. Immediately after adding the composite, drive the vehicle for 20~25 minutes in the standard operation mode.

The vehicle can be used in the normal mode immediately after treatment.

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