Protective composite NANOPROTEC M-GEAR

Protective composite NANOPROTEC M-GEAR

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PROTECTIVE COMPOSITE NANOPROTEC M-GEAR is designed for the treatment of gear type mechanical gearboxes (manual transmissions, transfer cases, gearboxes, axles).


PROTECTIVE COMPOSITE NANOPROTEC M-GEAR partially restores the dimensions and geometry of worn parts, gaps in friction pairs, allows keeping a more dense oil layer on the part surfaces, giving the following benefits:

  facilitates gear shifting;

  restored clearances allow easier and more accurate gear shifting;

  reduces noise and vibration;

  restored clearances and bearings reduce noise and vibration during gearbox operation;

  protects gearbox from wear;

  extends the life of the assembly.

Application instructions:  

1.  Warm up the gearbox to operating temperature (normal operation).

2.  Stop the engine.

3.  Thoroughly mix the contents of the bottle with the precipitate at the bottom.

4.  Pour the composite into the gearbox through the oil filler hole — 50 ml per 1 litre of oil for a worn mechanism; 30 ml per 1 litre of oil for a new mechanism.

5.  Immediately after pouring the composite, operate the vehicle for 20~30 minutes in normal operation. Operate in each gear.

After treatment, operate the vehicle normally.


For long and trouble-free operation of the gearbox, it is recommended to use the PROTECTIVE COMPOSITE NANOPROTEC M-GEAR after each scheduled replacement of gear oil.

PROTECTIVE COMPOSITE NANOPROTEC M-GEAR is compatible with all transmission oils.

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